Patella brace

These Patellar braces have been tested in our physiotherapy practice and that is why they can
we guarantee the quality and operation of the Patella brace and / or Patella strap.

The jumpers knee is not only the patent of Art Riders, but also Volleyballers High Springers Basketball players and other indoor sports and go regularly under the jumper knee.
The many jumping and landing on a hard surface can lead to an overload of the tendons around the kneecap.
Often the attachment to the lower edge of the kneecap is hard to endure, as this injury is usually localized.
Tendon fibers break and inflammation occurs.
Pain and swelling are the result. Especially the tendon of the stretch muscle of the knee (musculus quadriceps) is under constant tension. A Patellar brace reduces the forces on the kneecap attachment.


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Patella Strap

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