Neck Collars

A Neck Brace, Neck Collar and gives you the right support and protection of the neck.
In situations where extra support is desired or even necessary, a Neck Brace can offer a solution.

For example, in case of a neck hernia extra support or protection is desired to reduce the load on the nerve root.

A neck brace relieves the muscles
neck collar gives decompression space to the nerve roots and gives firmness and protection around the neck so that movements are inhibited where necessary and the muscles are relieved.
A Neck Brace and / or Collar collar has different heights and, in some cases, different hardnesses.
Since the upper and lower back function as the foundation under the neck, it is correcting and supporting the lower back
and upper back also indicated in many cases.

Push Care neck brace

Push Med neck brace

Ortel C2 Plus Collar

Donjoy C1 nekbrace

JuzoPro neck collar

Cellacare Cervical Classic halskraag

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