Push Sports Ankle brace 8

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The Push Sports Ankle Brace 8 provides support with a mild or (almost) restored ankle sprain.

More information:

The elastic band, wrapped in the shape of an 8 around the ankle, stabilizes the ankle and gives a firm, pleasant compression. This results in a certain feeling for the user during exercise. The special anti-slip strips of TPU run diagonally over the forefoot and around the heel and in those places increase the elastic strength of the brace. The TPU strips on either side of the ankle (stirrup) provide a proprioceptive sensation. The Push Sports Ankle Bandage 8 is made of a very slim and moisture-wicking material and dries quickly.

The Push Sports Ankle Brace 8 can also be used without a shoe.

Provides support after ankle sprain or instability
Provides individually adjustable pressure
Is very slim & light, takes up hardly any space in the shoe
Excellent position retention due to the use of special anti-slip strips
Also suitable for sports that are practiced without a shoe

When to use:
To prevent recurring ankle sprain
With a slight sprain or sprain of the ankle
With capsular irritation
With slight instability of the ankle

For correct measurements, the size of the foot measures just before the instep:

S 20 - 22,5 cm
M 22,5 - 25,5 cm
L 25,5 - 28,5 cm