Ankle brace


An ankle brace and / or ankle bandage is very suitable for support and protection of the ankle joint.

In situations where the ankle straps need to be protected eg after an ankle sprain (inversion trauma), an ankle bandage is able to inhibit the movements that stretch the straps. This will make the ankle straps recover better.

An ankle brace is also worn preventively. Especially in game sports (football, hockey, volleyball, tennis and basketball).

Ankle braces can be divided into protection.

The Light Ankle Brace consists mainly of a sturdy stocking.
The Medium Ankle Brace consists of a sturdy stocking with extra straps.

The Heavy Ankle Bandage consists of a stocking with extra reinforcement elements (such as thermoplastic material) and additional straps. The choice will be made depending on the degree of an injury, the support and any sports activities.

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