Shoulder Brace


A Shoulder Brace and / or Shoulder Bandage is indicated for shoulder complaints where the shoulder movement must be limited.

In shoulder tendon disorders (PHS, tendonitis, tendonosis, tendinopathy), a shoulder brace can be used to inhibit those movements where the tendons need to be less loaded.

A Shoulder Brace prevents shoulder luxation

Even with shoulder instability, a Shoulder Brace can help extremely well to prevent the shoulder head from slipping too much. Another common complaint is the shoulder impignement syndrome. The tendons are clamped by sliding the shoulder head upwards too much. This excessive sliding of the shoulder head can also be limited by a shoulder bandage.

Since the lower back functions as the foundation under the upper back and shoulders, correcting and supporting the lower back is also indicated in many cases. Look here for our Backbands

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Blackroll Posture 2.0