Wrist Brace

The wrist brace, wrist bandage or wrist splint is suitable for support and protection of the wrist joint.
The Wrist Brace can hereby restore the necessary stability and, where necessary, limit certain movements.

The Wrist Brace is indispensable for various disorders

In case of complaints of the tendons around the wrist, a wrist bandage can provide protection that promotes the recovery of the tendons.
You can think of Quervain's disease.
In a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a wrist splint will prevent the wrist from getting into "angled" positions that narrow the carpal tunnel. This will lead to tingling in the fingers. Especially at night this is unavoidable and a wrist splint will keep the wrist straight.
The thumb is often involved in complaints in the wrist region.
A combined brace for wrist and thumb is therefore indicated in many cases.

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