Cellacare Manus Comfort Wrist Brace

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The Cellacare Manus Comfort Wrist Bandage ensures good stabilization of the wrist joint and reduces the accumulation of moisture in the connective tissue. This wrist brace is very suitable for tasting and treatment of injuries.

The Cellacare Manus Comfort wrist bandage is very suitable for use in active arthrosis or arthritis of the wrist. The Cellacare Manus Comfort is also very useful for sprains, tendonitis, overloads and as after-treatment of the wrist fractures after surgery. The wrist band puts pressure on the wrist through a combination of the soft material, a crescent-shaped silicone cushion and a stabilization band.
The product features a seamless special jersey for the sensitive thumb region. In addition, the three-dimensional anatomically shaped tricot is adjustable in the support by removing the splint. The slit in the circular stabilizing band and the silicone pad enclose the knuckle of the ulna and therefore offer protection against excessive compression pressure.

The Cellacare Manus wrist brace is very comfortable to wear because of the large amount of microfibers that are incorporated in the material of the bandage. We offer the Cellacare Manus Comfort in sizes 1 to 4 for both the left hand and the right hand. Measure your size carefully to use the Cellacare Manus Comfort as effectively as possible.


    - active osteoarthritis or arthritis of the wrist
    - post-traumatic after moderate to severe sprains (sprains)
    - tendon infections around the wrist, tendon sheath infections (tendovaginitis)
    - instability and functional overload around the wrist after treatment of wrist fractures after surgery or plaster cast
    - complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) in phase I



13,0 - 14,5cm


14,5 - 16,5cm


16,5 - 19,0cm


19,0 - 23,0cm